TYPO3 Resources

We're looking for more great resources to reference and share in our upcoming TYPO3 Book. 

We've gathered a list including websites from companies, personal blogs, and learning resources in English. We excluded any sites that hadn’t been updated in the last year.

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Official TYPO3 Community Sites

TYPO3 GmbHWebsite of the TYPO3 Company. They offer commercial services to support the TYPO3 community with 24/7 SLA. Their blog has articles about the community, products, services, and news.
TYPO3 CommunityCommunity news, events listings, TYPO3 roadmap, release news, security announcements.
This month in TYPO3Round-up of all the community news.
TYPO3 DocumentationOfficial TYPO3 documentation for core and contributed extensions.
TYPO3 YouTubeSubscribe for new videos and tutorials!
TYPO3 Security AdvisoriesImportant security advisories
TYPO3 #announcements channelJoin TYPO3 Slack, and you'll automatically join the announcements channels for news about releases and more.
TYPO3 Twitter Official Follow this Twitter account for up-to-date news.

List of resources, books, learning sites, and communities

BookTYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (English)This book is the ideal study guide for the official TCCI certification by the TYPO3 Association. The revised and updated 5th edition contains 250 example questions and detailed explanations of which answers are correct and why.
BookTYPO3 Extbase (English)Modern Extension Development for TYPO3 CMS with Extbase & Fluid
CommunityStack Overflow TYPO3It looks like this will become the recommended place for TYPO3 developer support
Community/r/TYPO3/Join the 247 people in the r/TYPO3 community
Online course, based on bookTYPO3 Enterprise Content ManagementThe Official TYPO3 E-Book, written and endorsed by the core TYPO3 Team.
ResourceTYPO3 Version CheckTYPO3 Version Checker
TutorialsTYPO3WORXCommunity sponsored learning resource with new blog posts every few weeks
WebsiteSkill DisplayA guide to the learning paths for TYPO3 users.
WebsiteTYPO3 ManualPro bono manual site maintained by Pixelant and supported with translations by other agencies.
WebsiteTYPO3 CMS FeaturesList of TYPO3 CMS Features

Blogs on personal sites and company websites

Blog - CompanyReelworx BlogCompany website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalDaniel SiepmannA personal website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalHelmut Hummel - doc_core_insightA personal website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalSCRIPTING-BASEA personal website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalA TechBlog by Torben HansenA personal website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalRichard HaeserA personal website including articles and tutorials
Blog - PersonalSebastian KleinIncludes TYPO3 tutorials 

Some good TYPO3 Resources in German

We're focusing on English-language content for this book. However, our friends pointed out these resources for German-speakers. You might like them too!

T3Bits podcastA podcast in German
TYPO3 problems? News, Help and Tips BlogA blog with tutorials in German
Blog Marketing FactoryA company blog in German
TYPO3 BloggerA personal website including articles and tutorials in German
TYPO3 LexiconA personal website including articles and tutorials in German