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We posted the table of contents recently and started sharing with the community to elicit feedback. This is helping us validate what we’ve learned so far, and also discover anything we’ve overlooked.

There’s still time to give us feedback!

What we learned so far

Here’s what changed with your feedback:

  • Added emphasis on permissions 
  • How and where to begin extending TYPO3 
  • Focus on TypoScript 
  • Close tie-ins to existing documentation 
  • Emphasis on best practices 
  • Clarity regarding the book's audience 
  • How to troubleshoot and deal with errors 
  • Common sticking points 
  • Added a glossary of unique terminology 

Why your feedback means so much

Thank you to Sybille, Björn, Benni, Simon, Tobi, Michael and especially everyone we chatted with at TYPO3 Camp Mitteldeutschland.  

We feel the aims of this book are ambitious. We want to distill expert knowledge, which is often secreted away, and share it with newcomers to TYPO3. And we want to make a resource that suits a range of users to meet them at their level.

I spoke with Oliver Hader, a TYPO3 Core Developer recently who explained why he was looking forward to this book. Oliver teaches a Masters course in Software Engineering. In that course, students need to learn software design principles. “They have to think in containers, packages, and reusable components, and a content management system qualifies quite well for this because you find all these patterns in a CMS." One barrier Oliver finds to learning TYPO3 CMS is that “there isn’t a complete overview of all these topics in one place. I’m really looking forward to this.” In the book, we’re cracking open these ideas to reveal the patterns in TYPO3 CMS so you can work with the system, and not against it - saving new users time and effort.

Getting feedback from project managers, developers, contributors, and agency leaders is fundamental to our process. You’re being generous with your time to weigh in on these steps, and we want to acknowledge how valuable your contributions are.

There’s still time to weigh in at this stage. We’d love to hear from you, so head on over to review the table of contents.

Wondering what’s next?

Next, we’re preparing proposals to take to publishers. Part of those proposals will include this table of contents. So thank you very much for your input!

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