Some Useful Resources for Learning TYPO3 CMS

Just starting out with TYPO3? You'll find these resources helpful.

a post by Heather McNamee

The TYPO3 community is full of folks eager to share their expertise. See the full list of resources on our Resources page. Here are some highlights we think you’ll find helpful.

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Tutorial: PHPStorm – 13 Productivity Tips for TYPO3

If you’re just getting your environment set up for TYPO3, you’ll want to configure your favorite IDE. This is a handy tutorial on using PHPStorm with TYPO3. TYPO3WORX is a community-sponsored learning resource with new blog posts every few weeks, hosted by Marcus Schwemer. Developers can review tutorials on TYPO3 v8 and v9.

Tutorial: XML SiteMap in TYPO3

As you get familiar with TYPO3 core, you’ll see there’s quite a lot you can do out-of-the-box without adding any other extensions. This tutorial shows how to use a system extension in TYPO3 v9. is a community-supported website. It includes tutorials, feature spotlights and more, hosted by Daniel Goerz.

Article: Troubleshooting the Page is being generated message

In our resources list, we included personal blogs where people post about TYPO3. In this example, Richard Haeser shares a solution to an issue which might catch you: the “page is being generated” warning. The tutorial gives some insight into how TYPO3’s caching works, and performance in TYPO3 websites. You can read more about TYPO3 Performance on the blog too.

Video: TYPO3 8 LTS with Site Packages

Definitely, subscribe to the official TYPO3 YouTube Channel. They have frequent tutorials and videos from events. In this tutorial series, Mathias and Benji set up a TYPO3 8 LTS from scratch using Site Packages. Watch this playlist TYPO3 v8 LTS - build a website with Site Packages.


Resource: Skill Display - TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer 8 LTS

Skill Display is a unique resource which shows the learning paths to prepare for various TYPO3 Certifications. Each certification is represented on Skill Display showing the knowledge domains and skills tested for in each exam. When you view each item, there are also links to learning resources.


Resource: TYPO3 CMS Roadmap

There’s a lot of great content on the official community website. If you’re brand new, you should check out the TYPO3 Roadmap to see where the project is heading.

News: This Month in TYPO3

Obviously, if you’re learning TYPO3, you should follow the official @TYPO3 Twitter account. And yet, you might still miss all the news - so we like the monthly news round-up: This Month in TYPO3. Peter Kraume curates this list each month, with all the key info and news.

News: TYPO3 Association Newsletter

Every two months, the TYPO3 community produces a community newsletter which gets sent out to TYPO3 Association members. The community membership is just € 7.92 per year (about $9 USD). This gets you the snazzy newsletter and voting rights. It also gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of good open source citizenship, because it helps the Association continue to support TYPO3 CMS.

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