Rough Draft: Table of Contents

Hello! We’ve been developing the plans for this TYPO3 guidebook, and now we’re inviting the TYPO3 community to give feedback on the book outline.

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Inviting feedback from the community

Since our last post, I’ve returned to Germany to conduct more in-person interviews and attended TYPO3 Camp Mitteldeutschland in Dresden. Thank you very much to everyone who attended the barcamp session where I presented the project with TYPO3 Association President Olivier Dobberkau. It was incredibly helpful to have that discussion and feedback. We’re continuing to work directly with the community to gather insights and subject matter expertise to build consensus regarding book content.

At this stage, we’ve developed an outline and would like to validate it by getting direct feedback from community members.

A quick look at the book

Before we look at the outline, let’s have a look at how the book works. There are two main parts, an “Overview” with four chapters and a set of modular, hands-on “Guides.”

Part 1: The Overview is composed of four chapters designed to give a variety of readers enough information to understand how to work within TYPO3 as a CMS and as an ecosystem. We cover the capabilities, limitations, and requirements for successful TYPO3 projects as well as assorted user personas, software differentiators, and the supporting open source community.

Part 2: The Guides are a set of self-contained tutorials. Each starts with a use case and learning objective so it’s clear what you’ll be able to do when you complete the activity in each guide. These guides highlight what TYPO3 is really useful for, and contain clear step-by-step tutorials, diagrams, and where to find further information. We aren’t replacing anything in the existing documentation, but rather highlighting key procedures, best practices, and guiding you through solving your own challenges.

Onwards to the outline:

Review the outline - your feedback is welcome!

Thanks very much for reading along here and mulling over this project with us! We’ve captured the top level topics in this table of contents format. If you’d like more detail, please leave a comment or contact us with your questions and we can explain. We’d like you to review the outline and let us know:

  1. Do you feel there are any key topics missing?
  2. Is there something that is not needed in this guidebook?
  3. Is there something else you’d change, move, or clarify?

  • Table of Contents 
  • Book outline 
  • Introduction 
    • [Intro message] 
    • What to expect when reading this book 
    • Who is this book for? 
    • Who wrote this book 
    • We’d love to hear from you 
  • Part 1 - How TYPO3 Works Overview
  • Outline of overview section
  • TYPO3 Showroom 
    • What you can build with TYPO3 
    • Unique TYPO3 features you’ll love 
    • Case studies 
    • Opportunities 
    • Why TYPO3’s flexibility makes it easier to scope projects and plan 
  • Designing and planning with TYPO3 
    • TYPO3 is design and display-led 
    • Typical approaches to wireframing / site architecture 
    • Page tree and menu system 
    • TYPO3’s atomic components v other CMSs
    • Visual design / Theming 
  • Building and Extending TYPO3 
    • TYPO3 layers 
    • TypoScript 
    • Extbase 
    • Fluid templating 
    • Follow a request in TYPO3 
    • TER - TYPO3 Extension repository 
    • Building TYPO3 skills and resources 
    • Service ecosystem- aka where to get more help 
  • Launch and Maintaining TYPO3 
    • Content management and workflows 
    • TYPO3’s release cycle 
    • System requirements 
    • Multisite management 
    • Multilingual management 
    • Update process 
    • Maintenance tasks 
    • Security 
    • Service ecosystem 
  • Part 2 - Hands-on Guides [Potential guides, final TBD] 
  • Introduction to TYPO3 Guides 
  • List of TYPO3 Guides 
    • Choosing a preconfigured distribution or starting from scratch 
    • Guide to creating your first TYPO3 site (local setup w ddev!) 
    • Creating your first extension 
    • Choosing extensions (good for all audiences) 
    • Where to start customizing- tie-in points 
    • Planning, building, and using page components 
    • Content management 
    • Building an integration 
    • Guide to multi-site management 
    • Guide to multilingual websites 
    • Guide to integrating with Angular 
    • Guide to updating TYPO3 
    • TCA documentation, what to configure 
    • Troubleshooting 
    • Debugging 
    • Graceful Error Handling - i.e. what to do with these errors?
    • Where is the config for x?
    • Permissions- creating restricted areas of your site
  • Glossary 

­­­­­How to give feedback

Handy comments form is below! We'll add a contact form shortly as well. EDIT: please do leave a comment, we're troubleshooting an error with mail transport.

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Thank you again for stopping by, we really appreciate your time and thoughts.

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08.03.2019 | Sybille Peters

You plan to add a glossary. There are already some resources online. Perhaps you can reuse some of this:
1. I started a glossary for the docs, but it wasn't accepted at the time. Feel free to use if it is helpful. Has not been reviewed yet though:

2. Glossary in Wiki:

13.02.2019 | Simon Praetorius

One thing I find very important to know is to customize/simplify the forms in the TYPO3 backend. This leads to a better user experience for editors and forces the developer to think about what is really necessary for the project at hand. Thus I would dedicate one chapter to backend permissions as well as customizing forms with Page TSconfig.

13.02.2019 | Brian Rinaldi

Looking forward to this

08.02.2019 | Elli

Thank you Tobi and Björn for the comments! Definitely, the certifications will be mentioned in the "Building TYPO3 skills and resources" section.

08.02.2019 | Björn

Great job. Love the idea and agenda. Really locking forward reading stuff about atomic design and TYPO3.

07.02.2019 | Tobi

That looks good. Maybe the different certifications could be a topic. Actually you could get certified on nearly every TYPO3camp.

07.02.2019 | Elli

Thank you for the feedback Sybille! That's a helpful reminder :)

07.02.2019 | Sybille Peters

Please use correct spelling. Please check:

This should be up-to-date and correct. If something is missing, just let me know in Slack (@sybille or #typo3-documentation).

- TypoScript, not TYPOScript
- Extbase, not ExtBase

The rest looks ok. Sorry about the nitpicking. The table of content looks very good.

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