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Welcome to our TYPO3 Book Project!

Welcome to! We’re embarking on an amazing new project to create a guide to TYPO3 CMS and the surrounding community and we’d like you to join us. With the support of the TYPO3 Association, this project and resulting guidebook will support the expansion of TYPO3 usage globally and encourage users from all backgrounds to understand and explore the CMS and community.

As Mathias Schreiber of TYPO3 GmbH said, “It’s been far too long since we had the time to write a book! TYPO3 can do so much incredible stuff only a few people talk about and few write about— that’s why we think it’s important to have a book in English, which is my favorite thing about the entire project.” Our goal is to reach the widest audience of new TYPO3 users we can.

TYPO3 community members want to create good documentation for each other, but don’t always have the time or resources to commit. With that in mind, we are investing in a planned project to create the content for a compact guidebook as well as welcoming feedback and expert review from community members. The resulting book and learning resources will be targeted to newcomers to TYPO3, as well as agencies looking to provide a resource to new team members, and even new clients who are curious about the CMS behind their new website. There will be diagrams!

Who is behind this crazy project?

We’re glad you asked :) The TYPO3 association has given their full support and approval to the project and are working closely with Open Strategy Partners (OSP) to produce the work. Jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire), founding partner at OSP, said “the exciting thing is that TYPO3 is a legitimate open source contender for the enterprise website space with some neat tricks up its sleeve that set it apart from the competition. The community that builds it is energized, excited, and ready for more.”

Open Strategy Partners has been working with TYPO3 GmbH and the Association on marketing, strategy, and outreach for the last year and has formed close professional relationships within the project. “That’s one of the things I really appreciate is that working with OSP you have people who know and burn for the same things as the TYPO3 community.” Two OSP staff members will be focused on this guidebook: Elli Ludwigson and Heather McNamee.

The technical and writing lead, aka author, for the project is Elli, who comes to TYPO3 from years of experience volunteering her time in the Drupal Community. Her completely fresh perspective gives her the ability to ask unusual questions, delve into defining best practices, audit existing documentation and connect with community members.

Heather also comes to this project from the Drupal world, with additional background in training and open source outreach. As editor for this guidebook, she brings her experience in developing hundreds of hours of learning materials. She will be directing how to create a visual and interactive learning resource for self-directed learners from a variety of backgrounds.

What are we making?

The TYPO3 community is strong and vibrant and welcomes new open source contributors. Going back a bit, as Mathias Schreiber said, “there was one book published by open source press, written by the pros of the community, cross-read by the other half of the pros and that was a pretty decent book.” That’s the sort of process we’ll follow in this book project as well, providing space for community members to offer their perspectives, feedback, and best practices.

Especially for people who are new to TYPO3 there is so much freedom that they might get lost. It’s time to revisit how to do first steps to quickly get results. This book will help people explore that freedom and come back to the community to discuss how this freedom can help them. We will teach people about the product and the doors they can walk through and meet other people using this excellent tool. -Olivier Dobberkau

The outcome of the project will be a published, hardcopy book in the traditional sense, as well as individual chapters, this blog, this website (which is a work in progress as Elli learns the ropes of customizing TYPO3!), contributions to TYPO3 core, community involvement, and more. What we learn will be directly documented and applied back to TYPO3 itself as well as being published here for public consumption.

This project is an open book! Everything will happen right here, where you can follow along, get involved, and hopefully learn something yourself. We’d love to talk to you about your experiences with TYPO3 as a CMS and as a community so we can make this the best possible resource for everyone.

What next?

Word about TYPO3 CMS is getting out to new users through a variety of channels, including other open source communities around the world. These new users are a wide variety of persona types, and we’d like to reach everyone with a source of info both about TYPO3 and how to use it.

Stay tuned via our newsletter for when blog posts go up, events are announced, or community feedback is most needed. Our ears and minds are open to suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope to talk with you soon…




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